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The Creation Of Social Networking Sites
The technological advancement that has had the greatest impact on communication within the last ten years is the creation of social networking sites. The invention of the internet and its availability to the general public allowed people across the globe to communicate, store, and find information on the World Wide Web. The speed at which information travels in today’s world is fascinating and extremely helpful in the fields of education, national defense and national and international news updates. Common citizens are now able to be aware of diplomatic discussions occurring on the other side of the planet. While the internet was a cornerstone achievement in the history of humanity, it was not created within the last ten years. Therefore, the greatest advancement in communication within the last decade is the creation of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Individual companies have always had ways of communicating to their employees and communication within families has, ideally, been easy to achieve. What about communication between companies and the public? Or the communication between a celebrity and all of their most loyal fans? What about communication between a handicapped citizen and the... Ipod Cannot Compare To The Kindle - Galicot, Gregorio
From the time I was first born in the fall of 1993, technology was on the rise and taking no prisoners. My dad was already making plans to start his own cabling business and there was a television in every room of the house. Technology was running rampant. Even as a toddler I was bored by the dolls, I reached for a remote, a phone, or a CD for entertainment—no silly Malibu Barbie could keep me occupied. At the age of 10, I had a walkman everywhere I went. My walkman never left my side, whether I was sleeping or showering, it was always within an arms reach. My desire for the newest and the best was never satiated. As I aged, so did my walkman. Thankfully, once I tired of my bulky walkman the iPod arrived on the scene. So, for my birthday, I received the first generation iPod. I loved that iPod almost more than life itself. And it treated me well until the next generation came along, then the next, then the next. The iPod was great—and still is—but it can’t compare to the Kindle. The Amazon Kindle, though in a different genre of technology (Gregorio Galicot) from the iPod, is by far the greatest invention of the 21st century. When the first commercial came out for the Kindle, I was a more than a little skeptical. If someone... Laptops As A Key Advancement Over The Last Ten Years
I personally think that the laptop has been the greatest advancement in the last ten years. There are so many advancements with the laptop, you can instant message people now, you can see people and talk verbally to them on your laptop, you can communicate with people across the world with a laptop. There are so many things you can do with a laptop now and I personally think that it is the greatest advancement in the last ten years. Laptops can travel with you and you can use them for school work; which makes grading and testing easier and faster. The teachers can actually read what the student wrote when it is typed up as well, that makes it much better. The biggest advancement with the laptop, I would have to say, is the video messaging and live chats you can do. This is because no matter how far away someone is you can still see and hear them. A cell phone you can only hear them talk unless you have internet on your phone, but even then it will freeze up and sometimes you can't hear them talk. All these new phones that the companies are coming out with are having so many problems because they are trying to make a mini laptop into a phone. Well the phones themselves have enough problems and trying to add all these extra... Half Million Users On Facebook
In an age driven by technology and constant interaction with others, one thing stands out as the ultimate communication tool--Facebook. Although the social networking site was initially viewed by many as an artificial way to be with friends and a mindless escape from teenagers’ responsibilities, especially homework, the website has become much more than just a simple distraction. In the last few years, Facebook has embedded itself into the lives of millions of youth across the globe and has worked its way into the current adult community. Through Facebook, people can connect and keep up with friends and family no matter where they live, better organize group activities, meet potential employers and employees in a faster, more efficient manner, and even promote businesses to appropriate audiences. Facebook’s extensive global network and emphasis on sharing a wide variety of information in a safe environment has revolutionized the way people communicate and network worldwide. Facebook was initially created to improve communication between people. Since February of 2004, Facebook has grown drastically and currently has over 500 million active members according to the Facebook Statistics Sheet. Not to mention, approximately 70%... iphone Offers Great Flexibility
Wow. It is unbelievable; look around the world, at everything that has changed in ten years: an electric Datsun is outrunning gas-driven Mustangs; wireless-fidelity is becoming present in almost every home with a laptop; and computers are being shrunk to the size of a package of cream cheese. This last is truly amazing, the greatest advancement of the decade. Telecommunications experts have taken the power of a netbook and compressed into a space that fits neatly into a pocket, while simultaneously retaining the ability to function as a cellular device. Because of its multifaceted functioning capabilities, its truly flabbergasting size, it interconnectedness, and its pure, innovative genius, smartphones are easily catapulted to the front of the queue of the newest inventions of the 21st century. A smartphone is a morphing of a lightweight computer and a phone. As such, it has capabilities inherent to both devices: it can run fairly complex programs, but it can also utilize a data plan far more efficiently than a regular phone, and much more. As for the computer side of the device, the flash memory is generally less than that of a standard model laptop, but is impressive for such a device; the two mainstream operating systems... The Amazing 3D TV
Technology and the media have been around for decades. There is always something new in the making when it comes to technology. It also usually stays around for several years and there are advancements made for them. 3D TVs are one of the latest technologies made that have are already taking off and are making a profit. They are not yet that big in the world but they are soon to be a part of what everyone or what most people want. 3D TVs as well as 3D movies will become a success in the technological industry. Things about the 3D TV will motivate individuals or a family to purchase it. 3D TVs are one of the most popular technologies of 2011. The first 3D TV was tested last spring of 2010 and since then there has been a rush of new models according to Consumer Reports magazine. The first 3D-capable TVs featured 20 high-definition in LCD and plasma TVs with an extra feature, a regular 2D programming mode and a 3D mode that could be switched to when wanting to watch Blu-ray disc or TV channels. Eyeglasses to view the three-dimensional effects have to be worn or blurred double images would be seen (Consumer Reports, 28-31). 3D TV prices were initially expensive just like any new technology to come out, but the prices... Computer Capable Devices
When driving down the road, the library stands amidst an empty parking lot like a forgotten statue left to ruins. I use to love traveling down the road to visit my local library, I was so excited when the new one opened just a street down from our house over a decade ago. With the lack of computers and internet access, the library provided an abundant resource for all my science project needs and a place to read about current news from magazines and newspapers held at the stands. Now the newspaper is as archaic as the books and magazines that has been left behind during the booming technological era welded by the continuous influx of new and improving technology. After ordering magazines and newspapers for years, parents and elderly from around my neighborhood often had to adjust to the new ways information are being presented to us. Instead of waking up in the morning to get the newspaper, alarm clocks are now capable of wi-fi connection and could just as easily be manipulated to read simple weather reports as to download a dozen apps ranging from receiving a read aloud of the daily news to the amount of emails that has been unread from your inbox. To make it easier to receive the news, home pages on the internet are often... The Many Uses Of The Webcams
Only a few centuries ago, communicating over a far expanse of land was a difficult, tedious process which took weeks, sometimes even months, to complete. If a person set out on a journey to another town or state for a week or two, his or her family would have to sit at home and hope that nothing happened to their beloved, as they await a letter. Worrying, of course, was a common emotion during this time period: if a dispatched person did not write for some time, it was assumed that they were deceased or in trouble. Imagine the grief and anxiety a person must experience when they do not know the current situation of their father or best friend. Today, this method of waiting for a reply would never work. Technology has made communicating easier over time, beginning with the semaphore network in 1792, soon evolving into the actual telegraph in 1832 by Pavel Schilling. The invention of the telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell was for some time the greatest communication-themed product created, and reigned for about a century, before being replaced with the Internet, which usurped this invention in the 1960’s. By using the Internet, people can send messages to their friends or family all around the globe; communication seemed... The Power Of The Cell Phone
Telephony; the greatest technology of our decade No matter where you look today, whether you are on the streets of New York or on the streets of Japan; everyone has a cell phone on hand. In today’s world you are considered lost if you do not have a phone on hand, in the old days you use to be considered lost if you were stranded alone in the middle of the Saharan desert, but now in today’s times you are considered lost if no one can contact you in the same building. We have grown reliant on our sidekicks-the cell phone- and rightfully so. Statistics estimate that nearly 6 out of 10 people own and use a cell phone. Cell phones went from simple cellular devices we use to communicate and play simple games on; such as snake, to HD portable cameras, handheld online gaming devices, providing us with internet connection, etc. Telephony has come very far these past 10 years, and statistics will only back this statement up. Cell phones now have become more eye pleasing, more advanced, and the other sections of telephony show why telephony actually is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years. The cell phones of 2011 are so much smaller and better looking compared to... Don't Let The Xbox Kinect Fool You
Don't let the Xbox Kinect fool you into thinking it's just another gaming system. The Xbox Kinect not only has the potential to redefine the gaming world, but it also has the potential to influence the worlds of business and medicine. While it does have its problems and issues that it needs to address in the coming years, its abilities and potential to promote change across occupations are undeniable, which, to me, makes it one of the top advancements in information technology. The Xbox Kinect is equipped with the basic features of popular video game consoles today such as large memory capacity, realistic looking graphics and the ability to connect to the internet as well as connect your computer to the system. The most notable feature that makes the Kinect unique is that it is completely controller-free. It relies on motion sensors, facial recognition, voice recognition, and skeletal tracking technology to fully incorporate the whole body into the games. The motion sensors are able to track not only the movement of your hands and wrists, like say the Wii, but they are able to track the movement of your entire body. As you are playing a game, it uses what is known as digital skeleton tracking, which creates a digital... World Wide Web Offers Great Social Convenience
The information and communications technology has been advancing steadily and rapidly for the last decade. These advances have had a snowball effect on one another, bringing new changes swiftly and at an alarming pace. The most significant of these changes is the recent availability and dependability of the Internet, offering the world new ways of communication, information, and entertainment. Human beings are social creatures; we use communication for many different reasons. We communicate with those we love, and those we do business with. Yet communication is also used as a way for us to learn more about ourselves, and the world around us. Ever since the Internet’s introduction in 1972 it has been remodeling the way we communicate nationally, and internationally. With the ability for instant communication at our fingertips, it’s no wonder the Internet was a sure fire means for social interaction. Today the Internet has roughly 1.3 billion users and makes up 15% of the 3 billion mobile phones currently in use. These numbers are staggering, considering only 13 years ago the Internet had only 50 million users. This makes it alarmingly easy for people to get in contact with one another, conduct their businesses online, check... YouTube, A Place For All Types Of Videos
I believe the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry in the last ten years was the creation of the international online resource,, a website created for uploading videos of any sort for the rest of the world to see. Youtube has become a powerful form of communication through the integration of up-to-date news videos, the integration of pop culture themed videos, and the integration of personal videos as an option for users to express themselves. Youtube is an American-made website, but its dramatic growth has reached many other countries around the world. A Youtube viewer can find any sort of video—whether it be a meaningless home video, or a breaking news report that aired on ABC news ten minutes prior to the video being uploaded. Power like that has established a tremendous amount of credibility for this revolutionary website. A major source of communication through Youtube is videos posted from television networks, and perhaps most importantly, the news networks. Since Youtube “exploded” across the United States and the rest of the world in 2006, many American and International television networks have even created their own official accounts on the website.... The Advantages Of Facebook
Over the past 10 years there have been so many great advancements in information and communications technology. This advancement has made our lives better and they have shown that the future could be brighter with fast, reliable and cutting edge information and communications technology that can usher us into the next century. For example, smart phones such as the android and the I-phone have changed how will look at cell phones over the past decade. In the past, cell phones were only used for calling and sometimes text messaging. Now smart phones are used as MP3 players, it can be used to connect to social networking site such as facebook and twitter. It can be used as a mini computer to watch movies, video chat, surf the internet and do many more things. The smart phones of today posses many more features that were not present ten years ago. Advancement in the information and communication of technology in smart phones has been very beneficial to its users because it can afford them the luxury of having a lot features at their disposal. Although smartphones over the past ten years have greatly advanced in information and communication technology I do not see it as the greatest advancement in information and...

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